Workshop on Societal Impacts of Autonomous Technologies

A full-day workshop will deal with ethical and social dimensions of autonomous technologies during the IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management (June 20-22, 2016, at Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada). The workshop is scheduled for Monday, June 20, followed by a panel discussion on June 21. Submission deadline for abstracts is April 25.

As the Call for Papers says: „First in the series, this Workshop is intended to bring together researchers, practitioners, and agencies involved in areas related to autonomous technologies and their impact on society. The proposed Workshop will allow for the identification of the type of autonomous systems that require further attention in terms of their effect in impacting humanity and discussion on their societal impact in both positive and negative ways. Emphasis will be placed not only on technology and public policy issues but also on environmental, cultural, structural, political, and socio-economic factors.“

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