Wooden Robots for a Safer Future

RobEcolo Project Logo

The French research project RobEcolo – Robots with low Environmental Impact aims for robot technology that serves the European goals of Climate Change Mitigation (CCM) by using new materials like wood for building robots. The project description explains: „In 2014, the robot world operational stock was about 1,500,000 units. A recent study shows that at least 60 million kWh of energy is consumed per year to operate the robots while at least 1,500,000 T of raw materials (whose stock on Earth is limited and whose extraction / processing is polluting) have been used to build them. For the manufacturing of the robot worldwide stock, the equivalent of 11,000,000 T of CO2 has been released in the atmosphere. So, the use of current robots goes against CCM.“

The project started Oct 1, 2015 with a runtime of three years. The homepage shows a few examples like the Stanford robotic arm made from lasercut plywood.


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