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Peaceful Societies
Yes, there are alternatives to violence and war.
No, war is not an inescapable fate of humanity.

gaiamedia (mainly German)
Founded in 1993, this initiative collects information to encourage a more holistic view at nature and human existence.

Basic Income Earth Network
Social inequalities and antagonisms are a main cause for violence. A basic income for everyone might help, and robots could provide the foundation for it.

Campaign to stop Killer Robots
International Campaign against autonomous weapon systems

International Committee for Robot Arms Control
Another initiative to stop the dangerous development

Report on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS)
Current state of diplomatic affairs at the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons on banning autonomous weapons.

Maschinenethik (German)
A website devoted to the information and discussion of ethical aspects of intelligent machines

Robotic Governance
Looking for rules how to deal with intelligent robots and how to integrate them in human society

SETI International
Founded in July 2015 one of the missions of SETI International  is to increase „awareness of the challenges facing our civilization’s longvity“.