Elrob 2016: Robots try convoying

The autonomous vehicle of the team "Smart Military Vehicles" even cared for pedestrians (Foto: H.-A. Marsiske)
The autonomous vehicle of the team „Smart Military Vehicles“ even cared for pedestrians (Foto: H.-A. Marsiske)

On the first day of Elrob 2016 three teams sent their unmanned vehicles across country where one vehicle had to follow the leading vehicle autonomously. Two teams from Germany performed quite well, with small vehicles as well as with big trucks, while the Austrian team had some difficulties. That showed that the necessary reliability for a fieldable product might still be a few years away, but the technology is clearly on its way.

A more detailed report can be found here (in German).

Especially interesting on the second day was the reconnaissance of a building where a radioactive source had to be localized. Some teams tried to build up communication networks by distributing mesh nodes in the building. The dutch team TNO showed an interesting tele-presence approach by using a head-mounted display for controling the robot. Other teams let their robots drive autonomously. All in all, this scenario showed that the inspection of an unknown environment with robots is still an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, even with experienced operators.

Again, more on this (in German) here.

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