About me


My name is Hans-Arthur Marsiske, I live in Hamburg, Germany, and work as a freelance writer. Most of my articles, books, and presentations cover robotics, artificial intelligence, and all aspects of outer space. It seems like watching Stanley Kubrick’s „2001: A Space Odyssey“ and Apollo 8 in 1968 with only a few weeks in between both events left a permanent mark on me.

Trained as a historian, my prior motivation is to understand what is going on. I am more and more convinced that humanity is in the midst of the biggest change ever, becoming a space-faring species, creating artificial lifeforms that will spread through the solar system and finally the galaxy. We are about to become a civiliation of Type II on the Kardashev Scale. We should be aware that with our decisions we are laying the groundwork that all future generations have to build upon.

This website is a personal initiative, providing informations and ideas  as far as my limited resources allow. But it does not necessarily have to stay that way. Any support is welcome.