This Blog will end soon

If you take your time to browse through this blog, you will find that there have been no new entries for nearly one year. That does not necessarily mean  that the idea of „Robots for Peace“ has failed. But obviously I am not the person to bring it to life. Therefore I offer this domain to anyone who is interested to continue it. Otherwise it will be deleted soon.

I intended this website as an opportunity for a daily prayer, a secular prayer, though. As religious people spend some time every day (or every week) for spiritual thoughts, I thought it should be possible and worthwhile to think about peace and how to create it, perhaps half an hour every day, and present these thoughts here. But somehow I lost confidence. That may partly be due to the complete lack of feedback from readers. So far there have been only spam commentaries with increasing numbers recently. So instead of thinking about peace I spend more and more time every day managing these commentaries. In a sense that makes me feel like surrendering, being defeated by the dark side of artificial intelligence.

I am still convinced that robotics could be a powerful technology to promote peace on Earth. I also sense an increasing awareness even at high-ranking politicians and military personnel that weaponizing robots is very dangerous, initiating an arms race that may have even more severe consequences than the introduction of fire arms 700 years ago. But it seems that I could use my limited resources more effectively elsewhere.

By the way, is there anybody who says that fire arms were a progress for humankind? Then I would like to hear your arguments. I cannot see any good in this technology. Many people may see fire arms as a kind of fate, an unavoidable development. But they were not. They have been invented by Europeans and used unscrupulously for their advantage. I admit, it may have been very difficult in the 14th century to foresee the future development of this technology and stop it in its early stages. But today is different. We can build on this negative experience with fire arms and should do everything to stop the robot arms race while it is still possible.

I shall continue to pursue this goal, even if „Robots for Peace“ proved to be not very effective in this matter. The future holds magnificent prospects and I still dare to dream of a world with humans and robots living together peacefully, on Earth as well as in space settlements, perhaps communicating with other civilizations thereby advancing our culture to unprecedented levels. But that is no fate, it has to be done.

Hans-Arthur Marsiske